What Is BRT?

Released-Time is a FREE ministry designed to provide Biblical training to the more than 53 million public school students in the United States.  Classes are generally one hour in length and are held on either a monthly or weekly basis, during a time that does not interfere with the core school courses.  Released-Time is offered in some schools as an elective for credit.

After local school board approval, interested parents give their permission for children to be “released” from school for a designated time (usually one hour) each week or each month to go to a location off the school property.  There they are taught the wonderful truths of God’s Word by BRT Staff.  Generally, less than 3 classes per day are taught per school.

* Classes are held during school hours

* Classes are held off school property

* Enrollment is voluntary

* There are no associated fees

* Written parental permission is required

* There is no government funding; schools are neutral


• To reach the unreached with the Gospel.
• To teach the Word of God.
• To promote Scripture memorization and give students an opportunity to recite verses.
• To provide an opportunity for Christian adults to use and develop their spiritual gifts.
• To provide opportunity for students to relate to Christian adults in a loving and caring environment.