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Positive School Leadership is essential for a good BRT program.  Here are some ideas for the participating school:

*  Have BRT students in the hall when bus arrives.  The students are your responsibility until they are released to the BRT volunteer team.

*  Give roll call list to BRT leader noting any reasons for  student's absence.

*  Have a school leader ready to receive students when they return from BRT to ensure a safe and quiet re-entery ino the school building.

*  Communicate concerns quickly to the BRT volunteer team and work with the team to ensure a high-quality program.

*  Communicate any special needs that a participating student may have during the program. Does the student have any special health needs?  Allergies?  Emotional needs?  Security needs?, etc.

*  Avoid planning special events and outing during the BRT hour that might entice a child to skip the BRT program.

*  Communicate testing dates in advance to the volunteer team and work with the team to have a consistent time each month for the program.

*  If a parent has requested their child participate, the child should attend unless there are extenuating circumstances.  These matters should be discussed with parents as soon as possible.

How Can My Students Join In?

Students who bring this signed permission form back to school will be released with others in their class to ride the bus once a month to a nearby church.  The program will be chaperoned by adults who will accompany the children from the time they leave school until they return.

Download the

 Bible Released-Time Permission Form

*  NOTE...Please print this two-page form to one-page before filling it out and returning it.

It will actually print 2 half-sheet forms per page...give one to a friend!