Why Reach Children...

There are 1.9 Billion children on Earth.

"Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish." - Jesus, Matthew 18:14

9 out of 10 come to Christ before the the age of 18.

"If you don't reach your child by their 12th birthday, you'll probably not reach them."  - Josh McDowell

"If I could relive my life I would donate my entire ministry to reach children."  - D. L. Moody

Billy Graham was 16 when he came to Christ.

90% of all Pastors and 95% of all missionaries are saved by the age of 12.

"As you ponder how to invest your personal resources of all types - time, money, experience, ability, facilities, expertise and so on - keep in mind that there is no better investment than nurturing our youngers for an eternal payback.  The research reinforces one simple but profound truth over and over again:  If you want to have a lasting influence upon the world, you must invest in people's lives; and if you want to maximize that investment, then you must invest in those people while they are young...In other words, if you connect with children today, effectively teaching them biblical principals and foundations from the start, then you will see the fruit of that effort blossom for decades to come..." - George Barna, Barna Research Group

- Excerpted from ... https://mailboxclub.org