Pray for BRT...

The next generation needs to know of God’s love and needs to develop love for God’s Word.  How can you petition the Lord for transformation and salvation of the children in your area?

Make BRT programming and most importantly, the students it’s reaching, a part of your regular prayers.  Pray for your neighbor children, the kids your kids “do life with”, and those who may not have a loving, supportive home life.  Continue asking God to raise up volunteers.  Ask Him for favor over finances.  Be willing to pray if you should support your local BRT financially, donate time or services or become a host location.

Pray for God to cha
nge hearts and minds and to bring local children and families through your church's doors for them to continue hearing about God’s Word and His Love.  This is life-changing, life-saving work.

*  Commit to a regular time of prayer.

*  Pray for the missionary effort.

*  Expect results through God about the goals of bringing HOPE to students.

*  Rejoice in the victories at the local schools.

*  Remember to pray when you slow down at a school zone sign.