For Students...

Downloadable C2C PDF Lessons

C2C (Call to Character) is a group of Bible lessons that we hope will encourage, teach, and strengthen students in there relationship with Jesus Christ.

MailBox Club Quizzes

The BRT MailBox Club is a free discipleship mail correspondence program offering lessons beginning for ages 7 through 14 (with possible exapanision in the future).

The lessons are excellent, basic Bible study material covering a wide range of vital Christian teaching.

Quizzes can even be completed and submitted here online.

   How Can I Join in BRT?

Children who bring this signed permission form back to school will be released with others in their class to ride the bus once a month to a nearby church.  The program will be chaperoned by adults who will accompany the children from the time they leave school until they return.

Have your Parent/Guardian download, fill out, and send in the

 Bible Released-Time Permission Form

*  NOTE...Please print this two-page form to one-page before filling it out and returning it.

It will actually print 2 half-sheet forms per page...give one to a friend!