For Volunteers...

The local Church has a special chance to follow Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples” among the next generation.  Many students in your community simply have never heard of our Lord and may never be exposed to His Word.

We believe BRT is one of the best ways to reach public school children for Christ — bringing word of God’s Love and love of God’s Word.  You, along with many others in your area, can share His Truth in love.

A committed, loving volunteer base is the lifeblood of BRT programs.  There are many ways to serve the students in your community as you love them to Jesus…and they’re not all teaching!

Volunteers also are needed as:

*  Bus Drivers & Riders

*  Graders

*  Memory Verse Staff

*  Music Leaders

*  Prayer Warriors

*  Publicists – getting the word out

*  And more!

Undoubtedly you desire to see God’s Kingdom expand, and reaching the next generation is an essential piece.  Volunteers are essential!


Here are some ideas for (Church) Volunteers to help run a high-quality BRT program.

*  Encourage concentrated prayer in your church for BRT.  Pray for God to show your church new ways to disciple children beyond BRT.

*  Develop a system for follow-up with BRT students and families that do not have a home church.

*  Hand out information to BRT students regarding upcoming children's events at your church (especially summertime events such as VBS).

*  Communicate positive stories of what is happening during the program boh to the church and to the school.

*  Build and maintain a good releationship with school peronnel (Superintendent, Principal, School Secretary, etc.)  We need to convey our desire to be a school supporter, and it is a great opportunity to minister to school personnel.

*  Monitor the bus ride carefully and make it a positive experience for the children.  The bus ride is a part of the BRT experience.

*  Enthusiastically greet the students when they arrive.  Let them know you are excited for them to be there.

*  Start the program immediately when all the students are seated.

*  Have volunteers sit among the students and participate with the students in the class (sing with the students).

*  Stand at the door while the students leave and let them know you are glad they attended.

*  Make sure students enter and leave the building in a safe manner.

*  Have a plan in place for children who want to go to the bathroom.  Best to have school staff to make sure they went before leaving for BRT.  When one goes during class, you open it up for all.

*  Be sensitive to the fact that some of the students attend other churches.  Treat them as you would want your children to be treated at a different church.

*  Ensure the students are returned to the school within the hour time frame and verify that all students safely return to their classes.

*  Build a volunteer team so that, if one member cannot attend the class, there is a qualified subsitute.

*  Build unity among your BRT volunteers.  Make sure everyone has a role and understands what his/her role is.

*  Have sessions where your whole team sits down and does open and honest evaluations.  Critique your teaching, singing, game time, etc.

*  Visit other churches' BRT classes to learn new ideas.

*  At the end of the school year visit school personnel to thank them and ask for any improvements that can be made.