For Churches...

The local Church has a special chance to follow Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples” among the next generation.  Many students in your community simply have never heard of our Lord and may never be exposed to His Word.  It’s likely they will not have a chance to receive the hospitality your church has to give, apart from BRT.

We believe BRT is one of the best ways to reach public school children for Christ — bringing word of God’s Love and love of God’s Word.  Your church, along with many others in your area, can work together to provide committed volunteers who will share His Truth in love.

A committed, loving volunteer base is the lifeblood of BRT programs.  There are many ways to serve the students in your community as you love them to Jesus…and they’re not all teaching!

Volunteers also are needed as:

*  Bus Drivers & Riders

*  Graders

*  Memory Verse Staff

*  Music Leaders

*  Prayer Warriors

*  Publicists – getting the word out

*  And more!

As a church leader, undoubtedly you desire to see God’s Kingdom expand, and reaching the next generation is an essential piece.  We encourage you to make room for BRT in your services — inviting local BRT staff and volunteers to speak and share testimonies — and in your missions budget.  Volun
teers are essential; how can you use your platform to encourage more volunteers to join this special field?


BRT is a unique way for the Church to love the community by serving the next generation in this practical way — opening your doors and hearts to children who may not otherwise set foot inside a church.  Your church can be a beacon of hope, safety and hospitality for children in your community.  Could you envision more families joining your flock?

Church buildings near schools are ideal locations for BRT students to learn about God’s Word and Love during the school day, since legally, classes may not be offered on school grounds.  Students simply walk or are transported from their school to the host church.  BRT works directly with church staff on the classroom space and program needs, with supplies and volunteers provided by the BRT program leaders.

Has your pastor heard of BRT?  If you’re a pastor, what would it take for you to welcome local students for BRT classes, as they learn about Jesus, many for the first time?  Talk with us about the details of hosting BRT at your church or other location.

How Can Else You Help?


The next generation needs to know of God’s love and needs to develop love for God’s Word.  How can you and your church body petition the Lord for transformation and salvation of the children in your area?

Make BRT programming and most importantly, the students it’s reaching, a part of your church’s regular prayers.  Encourage your congregation to be praying for their neighbor children, the kids their kids “do life with”, and those who may not have a loving, supportive home life.  Continue asking God to raise up volunteers.  Ask Him for favor over finances.  Be willing to pray if your church should support their local BRT financially, donate time or services or become a host location.

Pray for God to cha
nge hearts and minds and to bring local children and families through your church doors for them to continue hearing about God’s Word and His Love.  This is life-changing, life-saving work.

*  Commit to a regular time of prayer.

*  Pray for the missionary effort.

*  Expect results through God about the goals of bringing HOPE to students.

*  Rejoice in the victories at the local schools.

*  Remember to pray when you slow down at a school zone sign.