Volunteer Job Descriptions...

Job Descriptions

BRT offers an opportunity for committed Christians to use their talents, abilities and spiritual gifts within the Released-Time program.  The number and type of volunteers needed can vary by location. All are required to complete an application, sign BRT’s Statement of Faith*, and are subject to a regular criminal background check.  They are covered by the sponsoring BRT’s [InFaith’s] insurance.

BRT Local Board
A group of caring and concerned Christians from the community who oversee the financial and practical working of the ministry.

BRT Executive Director
Works directly with the local Board, keeping them informed and directing the work of the ministry.

County Director
Responsible for the operation of BRT sponsored programs in their assigned county. Major duties include:  contacting schools and volunteers, setting schedules, oversight of curriculum and enrollment.

Campus Coordinator
sponsible for the weekly or monthly operation of BRT classes. They are the contact person between BRT and the campuses.

Responsible to diligently study and teach assigned BRT classes using BRT curriculum.  This person should be gifted with children and able to communicate Biblical truth in an engaging and age-based manner.

Game Coordinators
Responsible to work with the teacher to identify and lead age-based, engaging games designed to complement the lesson.  The games should be fun; but also be safe and non-destructive to location's property.  The best games reinforce the lesson that is being taught during the BRT class.

Responsible to plan and lead music at the start of each class.  This person identifies and leads engaging, age appropriate worship experience for the students.  While this typically consisits of a couple of songs, worship can be done using video and other creative tools to help students give glory to God and to prepare their hearts for the lesson that day.  The worship leader should have some skill with music but he/she can also use children's worship music from the internet to carry the bulk of the melody and to engage the kids in worship.

Responsible to keep all of the records accurately for a high-quality BRT program.  These records include, but not limited to, completed parental request forms, completed volunteer background checks and trainings, and attendance.

Responsible to make sure that all doors are secured once the the program begins.  He/she also ensures that only approved BRT volunteers are permitted in the area during the lesson.

Programs who use verses and homework lessons often track these with a point system that the secretary needs to note.  While this is more work, it increases Biblical knowledge and provides point systems for awards and for camp scholarships.

Bus Riders/Walkers
Responsible assist in getting students s
afely to and from school to BRT classes.  These are essential when a district allows non-school personnel on the buses transporting students to the program.  The Bus Rider counts he kids coming and going on the bus.  He/she helps the bus driver to keep the students safe while in transit.  Often, the Bus Rider(s) can begin the program with engaging songs during the travel to the host location.

Responsible for listening to students as they recite Bible verses. They encourage and pray for students and help with classroom discipline.

Responsible to grade completed homework (or MailBox Club Lessons) when utilized.

Responsible to make sure that information is communicated well with all of the partnering organizations.  This person can also take pictures and publicize the program for each of the partnerning organizations (be careful to avoid taking picure of students whose parents have not given permission fro pictures).

* BRT Statement of Faith must be signed by all BRT workers:  For Statement of Faith…Click Here!